Laser Scan Surveys: Rapid data collection

Since our inception, Spatial Dimensions has been embracing laser scanning, recognising the benefits the technology can offer to our clients.

What is a laser scanner?

A laser scanner is a measuring device that records geometrical information about any object or surface within its field of view. The collected data is a dimensionally correct 3D representation of the scanner’s immediate environment.

Laser scanners work by rapidly rotating a laser beam and recording up to a million angular and distance measurements every second.  They rely on a clear line of sight to the subject so, for most situations, a single scan will not be sufficient.  Multiple scans from various locations are usually required to obtain enough information to provide a complete ‘picture’ of a site.


laser scan surveys


Laser scan surveys

The data captured by a laser scanner is known as a point cloud and, depending on the site, can contain billions of 3D points.  The point cloud is a very rich data set and can be used to create drawings and construct 3D models for a wide variety of purposes. We also have the capability to apply realistic colour to the point cloud from our panoramic imaging cameras, further enriching the data set and producing a highly realistic visualisation of the site.

Collecting millions of points in a matter of minutes has proven to be pretty handy to surveyors, as well as being highly beneficial to our clients.  Saving time on site and returning to the office with a detailed point cloud reduces the likelihood of costly site revisits and speeds up the turnaround of detailed surveys. Clever stuff.

Colourful laser scan survey


Benefits of laser scan surveys

  • Rapid site data collection – up to 1,000,000 points per second
  • Accurate information – positional accuracy down to a few millimetres
  • Completeness of data – a high-definition dimensional record of a site
  • Reduce re-visits to restricted locations
  • Add value by capturing additional surrounding information
  • Permanent ‘point-in-time’ archive record for Drug store online canadapurposes and reinstatement
  • Collaboration and virtual site visits using TruView™

How much do laser scan surveys cost?

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What people are saying about us...

  • “Spatial Dimensions not only carried out their scope of works diligently and efficiently, but also produced resulting surveys to a high quality of which they should be proud.”

    Colin Hobart, Director, 3D Reid
  • “We have been very impressed with the quality and detail of the information received,

    easily amongst the best survey drawings we’ve had.”

    David Valinsky, Architect, NRAP
  • “A company that listens and cares.

    A joy to work with.”

    Peter Searle, Kier Group
  • “Spatial have always priced the jobs fairly and committed to and executed tight programmes for us.

    Works always sent over on time and to the brief.

    Very professional and Friendly service.”

    Zoe Horton, Director, GBA Designs
  • “We have found Spatial Dimensions to be contactable and reliable.

    They provide timely and competitive quotations and carry out comprehensive surveys to instructions.”

    Glen Ernest, Director, GDM Architects
  • “They have been more detailed than our previous suppliers and far more efficient in their approach.

    I would recommend them to anyone who appreciates quality work.”

    Chris Old, Director, Charter House Holdings
  • “Claire and her team proved to be professional, efficient delivering high quality 2D and 3D drawings.

    Just a pleasure to work with.”

    Amiina Bakunowicz, Founder, Archilab7